Norske Skog and Circa Group’s joint FC5 commercial demonstration plant is the first of its kind, leading the way for commercial scale production of 99% pure CyreneⓇ, a non-toxic biomass derived alternative to traditional chemical solvents.
Located in Boyer Tasmania, the FC5 Plant has been operating since 2019 as a joint venture between Australian biotechnology company Circa Group and Norwegian pulp and paper company Norske Skog.

It’s set up to produce CyreneⓇ, a non-toxic solvent made from certified and renewable cellulose waste and an important alternative to traditional dipolar aprotic solvents, which are used in large volumes – over one million tonnes per year.

With dipolar aprotic solvents considered toxic in many jurisdictions and under growing regulatory pressure, most notably in the EU, the potential market for a bio-based alternative like CyreneⓇ is significant!

Given our expertise and track record in the Wood and Fibre industry, Wood Beca were commissioned to complete detailed design for this ambitious demonstration scale plant.

We’ve also completed a feasibility study for FC6, a follow up commercial-scale plant at the same site, that will elevate the production of CyreneⓇ to a full commercial scale.


CyreneⓇ purity


FC5 Demo Plant completed


Commercial scale CyreneⓇ plant

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