Bioenergy is an invaluable tool in helping our economies transition away from fossil fuels. With our extensive experience and through our partnership with Wood Group, we can help you harness the best of these resources for a more sustainable future.
As industry begins its journey towards a decarbonised economy, Bioenergy has a crucial role to play, as a viable alternative to fossil fuels and an important source of renewable energy.

Thanks to our market leading experience, Beca has the capability to help your business make the most of Bioenergy resources – including biodiesel, biofuels, cellulose, bioethanol, feedstocks and lignocellulosic products.

We can also leverage our longstanding partnership with Wood Group to ensure you get the powerful combination of global expertise and local knowledge, to deliver the right solutions at scale for your business. This encompasses the full project lifecycle, from initial concept planning through to regular operations and decommissioning.

We can also assist you with harnessing the power of Green Hydrogen technology and Biogas and Biomethane (as evidenced by our recent joint report with Fonterra and First Gas Group) to drive sustainable production methods, improve energy efficiency and position you at the leading edge of your markets.

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Technical Director - Industrial

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Business Director - Energy NZ

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Segment Manager - Wood and Fibre

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