We’re here to make everyday better - by connecting your assets, operations, people and processes; transforming your physical world into an integrated digital ecosystem tailored to your unique needs.

We work with you to understand and explore your strategic goals, providing a clear assessment of the ways digital technology can help you develop a sustainable competitive advantage. That could include working with your technology and ecosystem partners or bringing in our partner products - we’re platform agnostic and focus on determining the best option. What’s more, we have the expertise to deliver much of the build and/or integration ourselves, alongside a suite of our specialist SaaS products that have been designed specifically with your industry needs in mind.

For 100 years now, we have been helping transform our world. We understand industries and assets, and the operating and engineering technologies that support those assets. We also understand the broader digital domains – which means we can cut through the hype and credibly bring them all together, linking the real world into the digital world. Contact our digital leaders to find out how we can make a real difference to your business!

Our digital services

We provide smart, agile solutions to solve your complex challenges. 

Digital visualisation

Bringing your assets to life across the full value chain and building cool, visual solutions to make complex information intuitive and easy to interact with.

• Integrated analytics solution // Digital asset models // GIS services

Harnessing real-time intelligence

Using intelligent data and analysis. By harnessing the power of big data and multi-modal sets, we can optimise your assets and operations.

• Digital twins // In-field assessment tools // Automated and real time data // Modelling and simulation

Digital experiences

Creating digital experiences for people to support complex environments and boosting engagement, safety and effectiveness.

• Immersive training and simulation // Immersive in-field solutions // AI engagement

Integrating digital ecosystems

Connecting and integrating different elements in a cohesive “whole” to enhance your assets and operations.

• Ecosystems consulting and technical services // Delivery and transformation advisory // Industry 4.0 // Systems integration // GIS infrastructure master planning

Take a deeper dive into just some of what we offer

Industry 4.0

Helping our clients to harness the technologies enabling the fourth industrial revolution.
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Smart Buildings

Delivering real value by integrating smart building solutions.
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COVID-19: Digital solutions

Helping you respond to the challenges, now and in the future.
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Digital twins

A vital part of our working future.
What, why and how

Frankly AI

Connecting and consulting with communities using artificial intelligence (AI).
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Building Information Modelling

Avoiding rework and waste by leveraging data with digital engineering.
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Our products

They're seamless, smart and secure and designed for industry needs. By working with your legacy systems, we can create brand new outcomes.


Assess and manage the impact of earthquakes on buildings and structures in real time.

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An intuitive capital project portfolio solution, for both business leaders and project engineers.

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Bring your facility to your fingertips with powerful real time asset maintenance and performance data.


Building tuning (B-tune)

Advanced technology to provide cost effective energy savings and increased comfort for building users.

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See some of the digital technologies we provide - from digital twins, to asset management, to building efficiency and improvements.

Our latest thought leadership

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Bruce Neville

Senior Technical Director - Systems Engineering

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Penelope Rae

Business Director - Digital

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Sue Bradley

Principal - Industrial Advisory

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