Initiate, scale and sustain your Industry 4.0 transformation journey with Beca and Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI).


Initiate, scale and sustain your Industry 4.0 transformation journey with Smart Industry Readiness Index.

An international Industry 4.0 benchmarking and transformation standard endorsed by the World Economic Forum.

In the current fast-changing, volatile and dynamic global situation, organisations are doubling-down their efforts to digitally transform and strengthen their operating models and value chains. Meanwhile, you and your organisation could be embracing new and emerging digital technologies to remain competitive, but require a tactical and strategic transformation roadmap to gain the full benefits of digital transformation. Or you may just be wanting to know how to start, scale and sustain your Industry 4.0 transformation journey.

That’s where we can help. Our Industry 4.0 consultants leverage an international Industry 4.0 standard with endorsement from the World Economic Forum called the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI), to provide manufacturers – regardless of size and industry – with an objective, non-bias review of their production facilities / factories.

Working together with you and your organisation, we use SIRIs suite of frameworks and tools, alongside a series of workshops to:

  • identify your current digital maturity
  • benchmark yourselves against industry peers 
  • prioritise digital initiatives for your transformation plan.

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Benefits of Smart Industry Readiness Index

Level up on new knowledge and terminologies

Educate and update your organisation on the latest concepts.

Discover your current state and compare against international benchmarks

Understand the maturity of your facility and how it ranks against others.

Set your own aspirations and priorities 

Leverage the Assessment & Prioritisation Matrices to calibrate your goals and priority areas.

Track and monitor your progress throughout your journey

Tap on the re-assessment progress to check your transformation is moving in the right direction.

How it works

With our bespoke two-day engagement programme, our Industry 4.0 consultants will conduct a series of workshops to evaluate your organisations digital maturity, using the formal SIRI assessment methodology. On completion, you will receive actionable insights and recommendations, from a business and technology view, to help you with your digital transformation journey.​

Why Beca?

Industry 4.0 consultants 

We've implemented more than 300 SIRI assessments globally to both large multi-national companies and small medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector.

Digital engineering and advisory 

We offer practical design thinking and build digital capabilities to support  organisations in the delivery of their business objectives and roadmap.

Solution implementation

By partnering with organisations, our consultants can develop holistic transformation roadmaps and subsequently implement the solutions.

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