Beca Melbourne receives first Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Beca is excited to announce the recent arrival of the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse at our Melbourne office, the first Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) to join our Australian fleet.
The timing of the Mitsubishi Eclipse arrival follows another big step we took in January, when we switched over the power supply of our Melbourne office to 100% carbon neutral sources through the GreenPower scheme.

It’s our first Australian office to make this important transition, which will eventually see our entire vehicle fleet move to Electric Vehicles. And it’s an important step that brings us closer towards our group science-based target of a 32% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions from our 2018 baseline by 2030 (combined emissions from our Beca fleet + general office electricity use).

Amongst the growing options of sophisticated PHEV’s, the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse was chosen for several reasons, most notably its 5-star safety rating, 4 wheel drive capability, digital connectivity and affordability. All these features make it the perfect vehicle to demonstrate new hybrid technology for our staff.

Like all other vehicles in our fleet, this PHEV will be used predominantly by our staff for visits to client sites, which makes safety a key consideration – an area where the Eclipse excels!

Following careful analysis by Jules Troia, a member of our Melbourne Green team, the Eclipse also represents a 39% reduction in our carbon footprint compared with the old petrol-powered vehicle it replaces, provided it is recharged every time it’s brought back to the office!

Phil Card, Beca State Manager – Victoria said “After some detailed analysis from our Green team, we have chosen PHEV technology plugged into Green Power for our Melbourne office as the next step towards our sustainability goals. It’s a great car to drive and I’m sure it will prompt many in our team to consider a PHEV for their next vehicle”.

Meanwhile Graeme Harding, Senior Associate – Process Engineering and lead of our Melbourne Green Team added “I’m really pleased that we are walking the green talk and able to demonstrate the benefits of PHEV’s to the Melbourne team in a practical way”.

For more on Beca’s sustainability initiatives and our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, click here.