Our team of 3000 has made a commitment to return safely to our families at the end of every day. And that commitment and care extends to those around us.

Care is one of our core values, and one that can only be demonstrated in leading by example.

We truly believe that together we make a difference. That is why we not only look out for the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and project partners – we also hold each other accountable. 

It is not enough to have comprehensive safety policies, guidelines and commitments in place – although of course we have all these. To transform the way our people and those around us think and behave, our goal is to embed safety as a way of life, every day, at work and at home.

That is why safety is at the top of our agenda in every meeting. It features in the stories we tell after the weekends and throughout our work week. It permeates our behaviour in every part of our day: when travelling for work, how we organise our working environments, and in the care we take as we design structures, systems and processes for our clients.

View our Health and Safety Commitment.

Changing behaviour

We can really only change a culture if every one of us gets behind it, owners, engineers, constructors, and operators alike. All of us need to play our part.

Craig Price

Chief Technical Officer

A legacy of care

Showing care is not just about Health and Safety – it extends far beyond our immediate community. When we incorporate aspects like safety and environmental management into our designs up front, we’re leaving a legacy of care that has a much broader impact, helping to transform our world.

Simon Pickles

Principal - Health, Safety and Environment