Beca is excited to share the news that our Melbourne office has switched to a 100% renewable power supply with the GreenPower scheme.
It’s our first Australian office to make this important transition and one which brings us closer towards our group science-based target of a 50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 (combined emissions from our Beca fleet + office electricity use).

Following the switchover on January 24, our Melbourne office now receives its regular power supply from 100% carbon neutral sources through GreenPower, a national scheme through which Australian businesses and households can purchase renewable energy from government-accredited sources.

By purchasing a cleaner source of power for the office, we’re not only helping to reduce our power bills and carbon footprint, but we're also investing directly in the burgeoning Australian renewables sector.

Going green with our power supply is also timed perfectly with the arrival of another first for our Melbourne office - our new PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to be recharged directly from this source, an exciting addition to our growing PHEV fleet.

Peta Brunel, Senior Planner Advisory says “the move to GreenPower is part of a suite of initiatives we are working on to help minimise emissions throughout our supply chain. Together with the introduction of our new PHEV for Melbourne, this move gives us an opportunity to ‘walk the talk’ in relation to climate change and supports Beca’s aim of making everyday better for our colleagues, community and the environment.”

Meanwhile Graeme Harding, Senior Associate – Process Engineering, who was also heavily involved in this decision said “It’s great to further demonstrate our commitment to reducing our footprint. I am really looking forward to everyone getting the chance to experience driving on green power”.

We’re proud to be taking active steps and looking at ways to reducing our carbon emissions across the different geographies we operate in!

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