Beca is helping optimise water services across Melbourne through innovative and industry-leading digital engineering tools and services such as asset information modelling, virtual reality, optical character recognition and artificial intelligence.

We’ve been helping Western Water, one of Victoria’s thirteen urban water providers, by enhancing capability and delivery throughout the project lifecycle and across all classes of infrastructure.  

Recently we undertook an asset investigation of Western Water’s Merrimu Water Treatment Plant, to facilitate greater understanding of what, where and how many assets they have onsite. We used 3D laser scanning, drone, and mobile data capture technology to efficiently map the site and asset locations while developing a rich library of 3D models and spatial information.

All this data was used to create a comprehensive asset information model (AIM) – a secure cloud-based mobile tool that connects pinpoint-accurate spatial data with detailed asset information. Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive learning and a technique known as optical character recognition (OCR), the AIM can automatically detect and categorise assets and populate data from various sources.

Accessible in virtual reality (VR) or even augmented reality (AR) in the field, the model can really bring the site’s masterplan to life. Using a web-browser, stakeholders can view and link to any asset data desired, including piping and instrumentation diagrams, work order processes, operations and maintenance manuals, SCADA, assembly diagrams, parts lists and asset databases.

Western Water is already using the tool in an interactive, virtual 3D environment to help with planning and health and safety requirements. The AIM delivers exceptional value by providing the right information to the right people at the right time, enabling better and more informed decisions.

Our collaboration on this and over 150 separate projects is enabling Western Water to optimise operations, achieve design and construction efficiencies, improve sustainability, safety, operability, constructability, asset reliability and management – and save time and money.


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Our team says

We are excited and proud of what we have achieved with Western Water. The digital solutions we have delivered have provided a step change and helped to pave the first steps of their larger digital journey.

Daniel Easter

Digital Engineering Manager

Our client says

Our partnership with Beca has allowed us to jointly progress with innovative new technology. They have brought their national experience to the table to help benefit our business. Beca has a skill set and enthusiasm for the digital technology which is contagious. They are helping us move forward in this area.

Dean Barnett

Manager, Field Services & Network Operations – Western Water

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Project Director - Water

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Principal - Project Management

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