Delivering the infrastructure to host the highly anticipated America’s Cup requires precise groundwater monitoring. Our innovative cloud-based telemetry system delivers near real-time data to inform decision making and minimise project risks.

Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter is undergoing a major transformation to cater for one of the most highly televised sporting events in the world. The area will host the competitors’ team bases and create a welcoming destination for spectators attending the Prada Cup and the America’s Cup 36 (AC36) between December 2020 and March 2021.

Creation of the waterfront stage is being undertaken by the Wynyard Edge Alliance (WEA), consisting of  Auckland Council, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Beca, Tonkin and Taylor, McConnell Dowell and Downer.

The work required precise groundwater monitoring around the Wynyard Quarter area of Auckland. New construction close to adjacent commercial buildings in Brigham Street meant it was important to monitor the settlement impacts of any changes to groundwater levels. Monitoring the frequency of groundwater level changes was also an important resource consent requirement. 

To support data collection and inform decision making, telemetry systems were installed in a six-month period between July to December 2018 and have remained in place until the end of construction. Data from specific well locations was recorded and sent directly to the cloud-based system, allowing the WEA team to monitor changes in the ground water level. This enabled near-real time data to be available for the same cost as monthly manual monitoring. 

With fewer visits to site for manual data reading and minimised risks from working around heavy machinery, our Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform has changed the way projects like AC36 can be delivered, resulting in greater efficiency, improved safety and better team collaboration.


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