Grafton Bridge’s new digital twin demonstrates how digital technologies, when combined with the power of data, can make everyday better by helping to improve infrastructure development and management.

Grafton bridge is a vital link in Auckland’s public transport infrastructure, connecting city districts and facilitating smooth transit for pedestrians, cyclists, commuters, and public transport. When it first opened in 1910, it was said to be the largest span reinforced concrete arch bridge in the world and has remained a historic landmark for Auckland ever since.

Between 2020-2024, we worked alongside Auckland Transport to create a digital twin of Grafton Bridge - a comprehensive and dynamic digital representation - to help monitor and maintain the century-old structure.

Creating the digital twin involved the amalgamation of various technologies including 3D modelling, 4D construction sequencing simulation and Building Information Modelling (BIM). It also involved incorporating a rich set of engineering information and data from our historical and ongoing work on the bridge.

Now, IoT-enabled sensors capture real time data, virtual reality provides immersive views and visual effects, and a sustainability feature provides a view of the carbon impact of designs. Stakeholders can explore various design options and simulate real-world scenarios, while balancing aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability considerations.

As we continue to work alongside Auckland Transport, it’s easier to conduct virtual tests and run simulations to assess the aesthetic impact of design changes, estimate costs associated with different materials and construction methods, and evaluate the sustainability aspects of the bridge. This has supported informed decision making to reduce risk and support the asset management requirements for managing an aging bridge.

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View looking over Grafton Bridge
View of Grafton bridge from Motorway
View looking over Grafton Bridge

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