Sealord are committed to integrating sustainability into their business and have adopted a 1.5˚C Science Based commitment to a 67% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2035.

Beca partnered with them to develop a decarbonisation roadmap - providing a practical pathway to achieve this transition.

Employing more than 1,000 people in New Zealand, Sealord is one of the country’s largest seafood producers. With sustainability at their core, Sealord firmly believes that they can meet the needs of today, without damaging the needs of generations to come by looking for better ways to do things.

As programme partners with EECA, Beca worked closely with Sealord’s operators and management to develop a tailored study that identified a practical emissions reduction pathway.

The study focused on Scope 1 and 2 emissions associated with process heat at Sealord’s land-based processing site, as well as the propulsion and onboard processing aboard three of Sealord’s fishing vessels.

The key opportunities for reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions include harnessing opportunities such as:
  • Continued focus on energy efficiency & plant optimisation
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Alternative process technologies
  • Fuel switching to clean energy
By implementing the energy transition pathway identified through this study, Sealord can reduce Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions associated with their land-based processing site by 83%. A selection of projects was identified, which can generate immediate energy savings on Sealord’s fishing vessels, and a plan was developed for the acquisition of low carbon fuelled vessels in the future.

With this study complete, Beca are now supporting Sealord in implementing a number of the identified recommendations.

Implementing an emissions reduction pathway will not only reduce the carbon footprint of Sealord’s products, but also secure the future of Sealord’s energy supply as New Zealand transitions away from fossil fuels to a lower carbon future.


Potential emissions reduction


Employees across NZ


2035 Emissions reduction goal

Our Team Says

It was a pleasure working with the Sealord team, who are very passionate about decarbonising their operations! I’m looking forward to continuing our partnership by implementing a number of opportunities identified in the roadmap.

Sarah Bacon

Project Management Associate - Beca

Our Client Says

Beca have identified a number of opportunities for Sealord to reduce our carbon footprint, some we were aware of, some which were new. We’ve now got a program of work with indicative costs that we can use for access to Government support. We found the process to be very thorough and Beca had a number of technical experts to pull the plan together.

Stuart Yorston

General Manager Sustainability - Sealord

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