With a shared vision to scale nickel production, we partnered with Prony Resource New Caledonia to help deliver a new intermediate nickel product that better meets the growing demands of the commodity.

We’re proud to have partnered with Prony Resources New Caledonia, one of the three nickel processing plants on the island. New Caledonia is the world's fourth-largest producer of nickel, and we have been collaborating with Prony Resources since the inception of their facility.

In 2019, Prony Resources embarked on an ambitious initiative to reshape their production methods. Their objective was to discontinue the production of Nickel oxide and cobalt and introduce a new intermediate product known as Nickel Hydroxide Cake (NHC). This strategic decision aimed to optimise their operations and align with the evolving demands of the industry.

While NHC was already being produced on-site in limited quantities and sold in containers, Prony Resources envisioned a comprehensive transformation and an ambitious production target. The plan involved decommissioning the refinery section of their plant and introducing an advanced filtering and bagging unit. This transition would enable them to ramp up the production of NHC and establish it as the sole material manufactured on-site.

Our involvement in this project began with providing a comprehensive FEL3 (Front End Loading 3) study. This initial study laid the foundation for the subsequent phases of the project. As an integral part of an integrated team with Prony Resources, we further contributed to the project by delivering detailed designs, overseeing construction management, and providing essential commissioning support. Our collaborative approach and industry expertise contributed to a good execution of the project. 

By working with Prony Resources, and with a shared goal of enhancing their overall nickel recovery, together we’re helping to drive the future of nickel production while embracing sustainable practices and fostering innovation.

$70 million

Capital expenditure


NHC Nickel Hydroxide Cake

3 years

Concept to Operation

Our People

Eric Galopin

Principal - Minerals and Metals

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Frederic Poujade

Country Manager - New Caledonia

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Kris Martens

Senior Associate - Mechanical Engineering

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