A comprenhesive structural and architectural upgrade to the Wharenui Recreation Centre now means the Riccarton community has a modern, accessible sporting facility.

Following the 2011 earthquakes, the Wharenui Recreation Centre was earmarked for demolition. Thankfully, due to a shortage of post-quake community pool facilities, the Christchurch City Council (CCC) decided instead to repair the facility.

CCC commissioned us to complete a damage assessment report and investigate solutions for reinstating the facility. We presented two options: Option 1 included repairing and re-strengthening the building to 67% NBS while improving fire safety compliance. Option 2 included a full structural upgrade to 100% NBS, as well as a full upgrade to all services, and major building layout and fit-out improvements.

Budget and programme were key drivers for CCC and this project. After costing analysis and discussions, we were directed to undertake a full structural upgrade and to prioritise the other upgrade options while considering their associated costs.

This provided CCC with an opportunity to redevelop the facility to offer more to users and spectators alike. The building envelope (the outer shell of the building; roof, walls and all of the components that make up those surfaces), amenities and accessibility were all redeveloped in line with modern sporting facilities to extend the building life and encourage greater use.

These physical changes to the building represented visible change to the public. Undertaking re-cladding, internal layout changes and redecoration demonstrated tangible improvements to assist with public perception and understanding of the building upgrades.

Ultimately CCC wanted a multi-purpose community facility which people feel safe in – and we are proud to say we helped achieve.




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