SKYCITY Auckland’s planned basement of their new International Convention Centre overlapped with their existing plantrooms which contained all the back-up generators. They needed to be replaced, and SKYCITY needed to always remain operational.

In SKYCITY Auckland’s basement, you’ll find everything that’s crucial to its safe and effective operation. Like the diesel generators for the main site, plus all the associated switchboards.

SKYCITY needed to free up this basement space so the build of their exciting New Zealand International Convention Centre could begin. That’s where we came in.

We designed, assisted with commissioning and integrated a completely new generator system (comprising extensive components - like transformers, fuel systems, switchboards and control systems) into the live SKYCITY site. This was challenging enough, but we also had to find space for all this new equipment within the existing site; ensure the new system operated seamlessly alongside the Vector supplies; and keep SKYCITY operational at all times in the event of an emergency.

By thoroughly investigating possible options for housing the new systems, we designed and converted existing spaces to create multiple new plant and switch rooms, including utilising previously unused air space above the VIP car park ramp. As such a critical part of SKYCITY’s infrastructure, extensive testing proved the correct operation of every component of the new system, before it went live.

After months of work, the new system kicked in – and SKYCITY remained operational during the process, with minimal disruption to their business.



New 1,750kVA generators


10,000L bulk fuel tanks


Capacity of new system

Our Team Says

This is one of the most complex engineering projects undertaken in an existing business-critical facility in New Zealand in the last 10 years, and a great example of what can be achieved when the right people work together in a collaborative way.

Mark Crawford

Technical Director – Building Services

Our Client Says

The team came to the table with a fantastic can-do attitude. This coupled with great communication led to a successful outcome. Our new generator system, cleverly integrated into the existing building, provides greater capacity than the old system.

Stuart Bryant

SKYCITY Facility Services Manager

Our People

Lindon Jackson

Technical Director - Building Services

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