Singapore’s iconic but ageing Shaw Tower is being transformed into a striking Grade A premium office and retail complex, that will set new global benchmarks in occupancy wellness and environmental sustainability. And Beca is helping make this happen!

Opened in 1976, the then 35-storey Shaw Tower was Singapore’s tallest building at the time and an icon of the city state’s ambitions to become a world leading business and technology hub.

Over 45 years later, Shaw Tower is enjoying a comprehensive redevelopment that will transform it into nearly 52,000m2 gross floor area inclusive of premium Grade A office and retail spaces that sets new benchmarks in environmental sustainability, occupancy wellness and a digitally enabled building.

As Building Services, Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) and Smart Building and ICT services consultants for this project, Beca is working closely with Lendlease to bring this vision to life for the building’s owner, Shaw Towers Realty Pte Ltd.

Shaw Tower’s vision embraces health and wellbeing by providing the highest quality environment and designing pandemic-ready features for future occupants. It is designed to exceed existing sustainable building standards, including the International Building Institute’s (IWBI) WELL Rating for advancing human health and wellness.
It is also the first Grade-A Commercial new building to be awarded the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) under the latest GM: 2021 criteria.

To achieve these superior sustainability standards, including energy efficiency performance 40% above building code requirements, our team will integrate several innovative building services systems:

  • Active chilled beams to provide office space cooling; a technology that significantly reduces energy consumption whilst achieving excellent thermal comfort.
  •  Smart Lighting systems - high performance LED light fittings will use wireless, addressable controllers so they can be easily controlled and reconfigured as required.  
  • Internet of Things (IoT) sensors will be integrated into light fittings to provide a high-resolution map of space occupancy, temperature and daylight levels. This data will not only adjust lighting controls, but also provide tenants with valuable data on how their space is being occupied.
  • Renewable power generation - from both PV and wind power generation, to reduce use of grid power and carbon emissions.
  • Building data analytics systems will continuously analyse building operations against an optimal operating model, so facilities management can fine-tune for ever greater efficiency.

Set for a stunning refresh to this grand old dame, we're proud to be working with visionary developers Lendlease and Shaw Towers Realty Pte Ltd, to help deliver a building that makes everyday better for occupants and visitors.


Awards and certifications

  • BCA Green Mark 2021 Platinum (Super Low Energy) 
  • 2022 WiredScore, Platinum Rating - Digital Connectivity
  • IWBI WELL v2 Core Pre-Certified (Target certification: Gold)
  • PUB ABC Waters Certified


Image Credit: Shaw Towers Realty Pte Ltd


Storey building

560,000 sq ft

Gross floor area


Above code energy efficiency

Render of Shaw Tower Redevelopment project, Singapore (Image Credit: Shaw Towers Realty Pte Ltd)
Render of Shaw Tower Redevelopment project, Singapore (Image Credit: Shaw Towers Realty Pte Ltd)
Render of Shaw Tower Redevelopment project, Singapore (Image Credit: Shaw Towers Realty Pte Ltd)

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