Citibank Indonesia’s 18,000m2 office in South Jakarta is at the forefront of energy efficient office design and activity-based work in this fast-growing nation.

Beginning from 2014, Citibank began implementing a customised activity based working strategy globally called CitiWorks.

With their business growing fast in Indonesia, the company decided their new 18,000m2 office in South Jakarta's South Quarter precinct would incorporate this strategy – while having the robust infrastructure required to provide the highest levels of reliability.

As key Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (M&E) leads for this project, we achieved this goal by installing significant dedicated cooling and power systems to the building, to provide back-up to the base building systems.

This included air-cooled chillers to provide cooling for data centre and floor communications rooms, two generators and 1.4 MVA of UPS to provide essential power to Citi’s ICT systems.

Overall, our work at Citibank SCBD encompassed a data centre, call centre and general office space, as well as training rooms, kitchen, and staff cafeteria.

Power outlets installed at every workstation can be configured for essential (UPS backed) power or normal power, depending on the nature of staff members work.

We also upgraded the buildings fresh air systems to achieve 130% of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) requirements, improving the comfort, health and productivity for the over 1,000 staff who will work from this stylish space. 


Office space


Staff accommodated


Of ASHRAE requirements met

Our People

Aswin Pohan

Technical Director - Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

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James Seggie

Senior Engineer - Mechanical

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Steve Perkins

Senior Technical Director - Buildings

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