At Beca, we recognise the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionise stakeholder consultation and engagement, whether internally within a business or organisation, or externally with clients, customers and communities.

We’ve developed a range of fully scalable engagement tools - to enhance consultation across a variety of situations, languages and interfaces, and meet the needs of different clients, communities, stakeholders and projects.

Underpinned by natural language processing, our AI tools support natural and engaging conversations to capture and understand a broad range of sentiment, views and trends; providing real-time insight and analysis in an easy-to-read dashboard.

See for yourself engagement enables people and communities to access and visualise information about a project with speed and ease, providing feedback in a variety of possible languages and fully scalable interfaces.

Make everyday better

Our AI engagement tools are designed to support community consultation and engagement, enabling better understanding of people's views on an idea, project and more. They can also help you to increase sales, reduce costs, as well as accelerate your processes

Our tools work by listening to people's perspectives, before collecting and processing their ideas and suggestions using AI. 

What we offer can be customised to your unique needs. Whether you require a conversational chatbot, insights, a virtual consultation space, an integrated and interactive digital asset model - or a mix, the features and tools we offer are designed to make your everyday better.  

The full experience

Help the people in your communities be heard on the projects and issues that matter most to them. engagement can be customised to your project and community needs - from an interactive 3D project environment, to a chatbot that can have a natural conversation and be trained in a variety of languages.

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Smart processing

Our natural language processing AI can read and digest feedback from a wide variety of sources - such as emails, letters, customer surveys and forms, identifying key trends or concerns and responding in real-time.

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Real-time insights

Understand what your customers, communities or employees really care about with our dynamic dashboards. They process live data alongside your existing information, to provide you with real-time insights, when you need them.

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Optimise engagement

Engage with a variety of audiences and capture meaningful feedback with Frankly, our conversational agent designed to engage users at a deeper level. Underpinned by automated processing to analyse inputs in real-time, Frankly enables rapid turnaround of results and detailed insight, including sentiment, views and concerns.

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Showcase information

Stand out from the crowd with an engaging and interactive visual showcase of information about your business or project. Allow your audience to explore and find out more, as well as provide feedback in a virtual consultation space.

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Variety of languages

Connect with your communities and hear their feedback via conversation with our AI chatbot, which can be trained in a variety of languages. Tala is the first-of-its kind Samoan speaking chatbot, developed to engage with communities in a way that works for them.

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