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Australia and New Zealand have a long-standing history as countries that loves their meat! Steaks sit center stage at weekday dinner tables, summer BBQs bring people together and who can’t walk by a bunnings without stopping in for a snag!?  
Beef is one Australia’s biggest exporters and in 2018-19 it generated A$10.8billion in Australian exports. Whilst the return in price is high, so too are the high processing costs, supply chain costs, demand for alternative proteins and pressure from government to meet a carbon neutral future. 

So, what does the industry need to do to thrive under pressure?    

Ross Darbyshire and Nigel Wilson, Beca’s experts in the Industrial meat sector, chat with Hamish about offsetting power, increasing back-end automation and the future of master planning to get the most out of your plant design. 

Amidst the challenge, there’s plenty of opportunity to power up to withstand the oncoming pressures and remain globally competitive. 

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