Welcome back to our "Getting to carbon positive" podcasts series, where our leaders  discuss how our post-COVID-19 recovery and rebuild opportunities could support decarbonising New Zealand and contribute to a future of sustainable prosperity.

Make everyday better · Getting to carbon positive: Episode 11 - Digital

In our final episode of our Getting to Carbon Positive podcast series, Kate Meyer is joined by Thomas Hyde, Chief Digital Officer, and Sue Bradley, to talk about the huge role digital and technology can have in helping us to decarbonise New Zealand and the opportunities this presents on a global scale.

Over the previous weeks, the podcasts have highlighted how it really is a tale of two emergencies: COVID-19 and the response we’ve had showing how quickly we can respond, and also how the Government spending is providing an opportunity to accelerate our decarbonisation efforts.

Throughout the series, we’ve also been talking about the need to take a systems approach; considering the linkages between transport, industry, energy, agriculture and forestry, water and waste. And this podcast continues to touch on the need for a systems approach and how digital can really support this. From helping people to visualise what a possible future looks like, to collaboration and decision making, to streamlining and optimising construction. Imagine having a New Zealand scale model or digital twin that enables us to really understand and test ideas with the parameters that we’re trying to optimise at the same time, such economic, carbon and jobs?

We’re about to head into an unprecedent period of Government stimulus into infrastructure development. There is an opportunity to not only focus on the physical projects, but to also focus on the digital asset that could be created in parallel to enable a strategic approach to decarbonisation as well as national resilience.

In our final messages, we encourage you to continue having conversations around decarbonisation and focus on the digital agenda. Also, consider looking at your own carbon footprint to see what we can change. The tools exist to enable you to still be effective in what you do every day – consider using those tools to make a difference.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make these podcasts possible over the weeks and to all our listeners.

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