02.07.2020 : Amelia Linzey and more

Getting to Carbon Positive: Episode 3 - Transport

Welcome back to our "Getting to carbon positive" podcasts series, where our leaders discuss how our post-COVID-19 recovery and rebuild opportunities could support decarbonising New Zealand and contribute to a future of sustainable prosperity.

In our third episode, our host Kate Meyer, Business Director of Sustainability, talks with Andrea Rickard, General Manager of our Transport and Infrastructure business, Amelia Linzey, Chief Planner and Chair of our Sustainability Steering Group, and Stuart Bowden, who is a Principal in our Environments team. Together they discuss transportation as a transition area in the COVID-19 rebuild challenge.

Read our report titled 'Decarbonising a prosperous New Zealand' which looks at eight key transitions that would best enable the country to rapidly shift to a low carbon economy. Or read the report on Transportation here. 



The full series can be viewed here:


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