Energy efficiencies and sustainability have been the name of the game in the food and beverage sector. But if you're managing a food production or cold storage facility, where efficiency has been the name of the game, are there still quick energy saving wins to be made?

On this episode of F&B Sound Bites, we speak with Adrian Dickison, Beca Senior Technical Director, and Mathieu Duguay, Beca Business Director - Industrial Digital, to discuss the ultimate low-hanging 'energy saving' fruit at your food production or cold storage facilities: the refrigeration system.

We share new perspectives on discovering refrigeration energy savings and the opportunities to automate them, and how their work on 'Maestro' as a machine-learning service can realise these efforts.

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Adrian Dickison

Senior Technical Director - Chemical Engineering

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Hamish McCook

Segment Manager - Food and Beverage

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Mathieu Duguay

Business Director - Industrial Digital

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