Beca is pleased to share the appointment of Priyani de Silva-Currie - Principal, Strategic Asset Advisory at Beca, as President of IPWEA NZ.
Having served as a NZ board member since 2019, this is a fantastic recognition of Priyani’s long-term support and contribution to the organisation, its members, and strategic commitments. Currently serving as Vice -President, Priyani officially takes over as President effective 24 September 2021 for a two-year term.

With a broad asset management background spanning all public infrastructure sectors, and previous leadership of two national industry organisations - Multicultural New Zealand and Carbon and Energy Professionals (EMANZ) - Priyani brings with her strong expertise, leadership and passion to drive the organisation’s contribution towards thriving communities.

In her role as President, Priyani will be responsible for upholding and improving the status and practice of engineering and management of public assets in New Zealand, and most importantly support the members to achieve their asset management aspirations and outcomes.

“I am honoured and humbled to lead this organisation,” said Priyani. “New Zealand is entering a period of sustained regulatory change and reform. We wish to be a key part of guiding and supporting our members to transform and evolve in these unprecedented times.”

“Through our foundations of governance, advocacy, digital and face to face learning to support asset management career pathways, plus communities of interest in Transport, Waters and Social and Environmental technical areas, we provide the mahi and the guiding principles for our professional and government organisations to thrive.”

IPWEA NZ is the New Zealand Division of IPWEA Australasia. It is the professional organisation for those involved with Public Asset Engineering and Management including: Infrastructure owners (such as local authorities and government agencies), consultants, contractors, and suppliers.

For further information on IPWEA NZ and the role it plays towards supporting excellence in infrastructure asset management in New Zealand, click here

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