Beca's strategic partnership in developing the Āpōpō Guide

Guiding the way in asset management, Beca is proud to support the newly developed Āpōpō Guide, in partnership with Āpōpō (Infrastructure Asset Management Professionals Incorporated).

The Āpōpō Guide is designed for those practicing infrastructure asset management in Aotearoa and is a comprehensive online resource that goes beyond traditional asset management by weaving te ao Māori principles into the core of managing both built and natural environments. A first of its kind, this guide is a groundbreaking resource that stands to benefit not only Aotearoa but all countries with indigenous populations.

It provides users with versatile features including easy searching, note-taking, and incorporates a submission form for submitting fresh and innovative concepts. Enhanced with videos and recordings that convey Mātauranga Māori, it embodies the art of storytelling.

Priyani de Silva-Currie, Beca Technical Fellow and outgoing Āpōpō President, explains, “The Āpōpō Guide is New Zealand’s first indigenous asset management guide - bringing together the principles of Mātauranga Māori and our best asset management knowledge. The Guide is designed for asset management practitioners and for a wider audience who wish to learn more about asset management and how it can benefit their work.”

Beca has invested considerable time and resources to develop the Āpōpō Guide, with 13 notable subject experts providing their knowledge and experience. This guide enables Beca to showcase our expertise and commitment to integrating indigenous knowledge with western practices as well as strengthen our position as leaders in asset management. Of the guide's 16 chapters, our in-depth involvement is reflected in five, with the chapters being constantly updated and under review.
For more information on the guide, visit the website here.


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