Beca Australia has received endorsement from Reconciliation Australia for our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).
The Innovate RAP outlines how Beca will find ways to work in partnership with First Nations peoples and businesses to create equal opportunity, financial security and enhance job opportunities for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples.

Managing Director – Australia, Craig Lee said the RAP sets out Beca's vision for reconciliation in Australia and is strongly aligned with the businesses’ desire to leave a positive legacy for Australian communities. “Our first RAP, launched in 2017, has given us a solid foundation in understanding where we can have the most impact in Australia’s journey to reconciliation for First Nations peoples,” said Mr Lee.

“We are continuing our Reconciliation Journey because, at the heart of everything we do, we care for our people, our environment and especially our communities. The artwork used for the launch of our RAP and created by Pat Caruso celebrates our journey as a business and our continued connection with First Nations peoples.

“We still have much to learn and more we can do. But I’m confident that with the input and advice through our many partnerships, including with the Indigenous Defence and Infrastructure Consortium, and the passion from our people across the business, we have a solid base to build from,” he said.

Beca engaged artist Pat Caruso, owner of We Create Print Deliver and a proud Eastern Arrernte man from Adelaide to bring the story of Beca’s reconciliation journey to life. “The visual art piece tells the story of Beca’s journey and its relationships with its people, clients and communities throughout Australia. It has a strong connection to traditional First Nations artwork but is still relevant today, incorporating contemporary design and processing applications, reflecting today’s business world,” said Mr Caruso. 

As part of our overall commitment to achieving reconciliation, Beca partnered with the Indigenous Defence and Infrastructure Consortium (iDiC) in 2021 to support the growth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and create economic opportunity for these communities.

Through the partnership with iDiC, Beca has already been actively engaging with First Nations businesses to participate in its supply chain and procurement activities. Beca's partnership with iDiC together with its RAP will guide the businesses desire to contribute to making a positive impact on Australian communities by creating a safe and inclusive environment for First Nations peoples.

Beca is proud to join over 1,200 Australian businesses with a certified RAP to support strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians. 

Everyone at Beca looks forward to working towards the commitments set out in the Innovate RAP over the next two years to support and champion the core pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities for First Nations peoples. 

Beca’s Innovate RAP can be explored here.
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