Beca partners with TransGrid to deliver engineering designs for projects in NSW

Beca has been selected by TransGrid as a member of its Engineering Panel to support project designs over the next three years.

Beca will work with TransGrid to deliver their capital works program. This includes projects to maintain and enhance reliability in the existing transmission network in a safe, sustainable and efficient way.

TransGrid operates and manages the high voltage electricity transmission network in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), a system comprising of 100 bulk supply stations and power station switchyards and over 13,000 km of transmission lines operating at up to 500 kV.

The network connects more than three million homes, businesses and communities to a safe, reliable and affordable electricity supply.

Peter McCafferty, General Manager – Power, says “We’re looking forward to partnering with TransGrid to provide support in expanding their network. As well as enhancing the existing network, we’ll be supporting TransGrid to deliver new network connections to renewable energy sources and working on projects that will continue to provide reliable, affordable energy to NSW and ACT.”

Craig Lee, Managing Director – Australia agrees “Our Australian business is looking forward to working with TransGrid at such an exciting time. The energy market is seeing unprecedented change, through the growth of renewable energy, retirement of coal-fired plants, and the changing needs of customers. We believe TransGrid’s investment in the network will be particularly important to the Australian National Energy Market and we’re really energised to be partnering with them.”

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