Beca appoints Chief Planner and four new Beca Technical Fellows

The very best of Beca’s technical and delivery experts were recognised and celebrated at Beca's Technical and Delivery Leadership Conference last Friday. A Chief Specialist and four new Beca Technical Fellows were appointed.

The appointments recognise esteemed leaders at Beca who have demonstrated outstanding technical or delivery skills and expertise, and made a profound contribution to Beca and their respective fields. They are highly experienced, industry-recognized and respected specialists and thought leaders – sought-after for their knowledge, expertise, ideas and advice.  

Announcing the recipients, Craig Price, Chief Technical Officer, said, “These exceptional individuals are the people we turn to solve our most challenging technical issues or to deliver our most challenging projects. They are essential contributors and guardians to the ongoing strengthening of Beca’s technical and delivery excellence and innovation, and play an important role in shaping the future of their professional industries.” 

Congratulations to our Chief Planner and 2019 Beca Technical Fellows: 

Amelia Linzey | Chief Planner  
Amelia’s appointment acknowledges her extensive planning and resource management skills and experience; her reputation as a leader in planning and sustainability areas (both within and outside of Beca); and her contribution to a number of external industry organisations including her recent appointment to the Government’s Resource Management Reform Panel. 

Stuart Tucker | Beca Technical Fellow – Infrastructure Project Delivery 
Stuart has delivered some of our most challenging infrastructure projects. He is a strong advocate for technical excellence and has made a significant contribution delivering training sessions and coaching our people on design management. He is industry-recognised for his significant project and commercial leadership expertise and is a trusted advisor to many of our partners and clients. 

Roger Seyb | Beca Technical Fellow – Water Resources 
Roger is a recognised expert in water resources, with skills in flooding, stormwater quality, water takes, stormwater contaminants and quality treatment, and structures in streams. He is known and recognised in New Zealand as an expert witness and technical leader, and has authored industry guidelines. His personal reputation in the industry is as a trustworthy, ethical practitioner who is genuinely interested in making a difference to the communities and environments we work in. 

Annette Jones | Beca Technical Fellow – Urban Design 
Annette is passionate about shaping the environments we live in and is recognised as a national expert in urban design. She has provided urban design input on a number of large infrastructure projects, town centre developments, revitalisation and streetscape projects, and residential and education facilities. She was a founding member of the Manukau City Council Urban Design Panel (now part of the Auckland Council Urban Design Panel) and the recipient of the New Zealand Institute of Building’s ‘Building Excellence Award’.  

James Coup | Beca Technical Fellow – Industrial Project Delivery 
James has demonstrated outstanding capability in project management, programme management, shut management and project team management, as well as excellent technical knowledge across a range of disciplines and segments – in particular Minerals & Metals and Food & Beverage. He is sought-after for his big picture strategic thinking, his knowledge and advice on risk mitigation, and is extremely well-regarded by the people he works with. 

Inaugurated in 2013, Beca’s Chief Specialist and Technical Fellow appointments reflect the highest level in technical career path at Beca. Beca currently has 60 Beca Technical Fellows and four Chief Specialists – offering an extensive depth and breadth of technical knowledge and expertise.  

Please contact us if you’d like to engage one of our Chief Specialists or Beca Technical Fellows for technical or delivery advice. 

From L- R: Craig Price, Annette Jones, Stuart Tucker, Amelia Linzey, Roger Seyb and Greg Lowe

From L- R: Craig Price and James Coup

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