Beca takes pride in introducing four weeks paid gender affirmation leave

Beca has introduced four weeks of paid gender affirmation leave to its employees in New Zealand and Australia, a move that coincides with Transgender Awareness Week, and leads up to Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th of November.

Employees who are taking steps to affirm their gender, including medical, social and legal gender affirmation, will be covered by the paid leave. The leave does not need to be taken all together and gives employees the flexibility to use it as and when they need it during their gender affirmation journey.

Beca Chief People and Culture Officer, Anne Henry, said Beca was committed to the LGBTQIA+ community and growing a safe and inclusive environment where members and allies of the Rainbow Community can thrive and feel they belong.

"We believe in the value of diversity and encourage an inclusive and safe environment for all our people. Gender affirmation leave is one way for Beca to assist our transgender colleagues to feel safe and supported within the workplace. Someone who is affirming their gender often has so much to navigate and we want to go the extra mile to support them in their journey and let them know that we’ve got their back. We are proud to include this benefit alongside the broader work we are undertaking to support Beca’s Rainbow Community." Anne said.

Beca’s Rainbow Network continues to be instrumental in laying the foundations for a safe and inclusive work environment with the support of Beca’s Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee.  

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