Beca welcomes seven new technical specialists to its esteemed group of Technical Fellows at the 2022 Technical and Delivery Leaders Forum dinner which was held on Thursday, 17 November.

The newly appointed Beca Technical Fellows join the ranks of around 60 Technical Fellows who have been recognised since the inaugural appointments were made in 2013.

L-R: David Carter, Craig Price, Malcolm McCabe, Abhishek Sharma, Craig White, Sian France, Paul Thompson, Richard Young, Greg Lowe, and Jeremy Smith

Beca’s Technical Fellows recognises the exceptional talent of our people acknowledged for their expertise in their field within our business. In appointing these leaders, we celebrate the importance that Beca places on technical and delivery excellence in delivering exceptional client experience and the critical role of technical leadership within our business.

Beca Chief Technical Officer, Craig Price, said at the 2022 Technical and Delivery Leaders Forum, “Technical excellence is at the heart of what we do and a key attribute of our culture. It’s a personal highlight for me each year to announce these appointments and to have the opportunity to showcase the achievements of these Beca leaders delivering a range of challenging projects successfully and delighting our clients and the communities.

The Technical Fellow programme was introduced by our now Executive Chair, David Carter, who joined the celebratory dinner announcing our 2022 Beca Technical Fellows. The event was held at Auckland Zoo in the South East Asia Precinct, which Beca provided project and cost advisory services for. 

Hear from our newly appointed 2022 Beca Technical Fellows on the key issues and biggest opportunities facing their sector by clicking on the video below: 



Congratulations to our 2022 Beca Technical Fellows:

Abhishek Sharma
Specialty: Programme Management. 

Abhishek is a go to person within Beca for programme management and is known for his engagement with clients and partners to shape a solution that is appropriate for them. His work has seen him advising clients around New Zealand and overseas. On the Auckland Stormwater programme he worked effectively with over 40 different contractors and 10 different consultants for ten years. A trusted partner, a coach and mentor, Abhishek has contributed to the development of management systems and tools to support the effective delivery of programme management. 

Craig White
Specialty: Wastewater Treatment. 

Craig is an internationally recognised biological wastewater treatment expert based in Newcastle, Australia. With an array of impressive projects, Craig empotomises the pioneering spirit and has constantly pushed the boundaries of new standards in the industry. He is Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle and involved in applying and developing first-principles research. He presents papers at international conferences such as WEFTEC. Craig is a Chartered Engineer and Member of Engineers Australia.

Jeremy Smith
Specialty: Water Project Delivery. 

Jeremy is an experienced design manager in our Newcastle team and has exceptionally strong civil engineering capability with particular strength in major pipeline design, water retaining structures, and complex brownfield upgrades. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and has been Project Director on a number of projects that have won or been recognised as engineering excellence. He has worked across various States in Australia, as well as New Zealand and the Pacific. Jeremy is a Chartered Engineer, Registered Building Practitioner, APEC Engineer, and WSAA Accredited engineer, as well being an Elected Fellow of Engineers Australia. 

Malcolm McCabe
Specialty: Industrial Project Delivery. 

Malcolm is a specialist in industrial project delivery and manages some of the largest and most complicated projects in Beca’s industrial business group. He is regarded as a trusted advisor by the client at PT Vale in Indonesia and has built very strong relationships at the PT Vale site in particular over the last 15 years. Malcolm has a very thorough understanding of the complexities associated with managing large, complex projects, anticipating and adjusting to significant developments through to a successful outcome. His practical construction management and planning skill and knowledge for brownfield industrial projects is outstanding.

Paul Thompson
Specialty: Water Treatment Design and Operations. 

Paul is an experienced water engineer with his main accomplishments in the field of water treatment engineering. He is often called on by clients or regulators such as NSW Health to provide independent review of water quality incidents. He has a very strong profile amongst our regional client base in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland and the Northern Territory and is typically the first port of call if there are major water or wastewater issues to be solved - most recently Lismore's Water Treatment Plant during flooding in NSW. Paul is also a Fellow of Engineers Australia, Registered Professional Engineer (Queensland) and also an Engineering Executive.

Richard Young
Specialty: Geotechnical Engineering. 

Richard has expert technical knowledge in most aspects of geotechnical engineering. He is recognised for his work on challenging port projects and has been responsible for the geotechnical delivery on a number of projects, including in New Zealand and Australia. Richard has been appointed to a number of advisory panels including the Senior Engineering Advisory Panel for Christchurch City Council, Approved Geo-professional for issue of producer statements for Rockfall Protection Structures, and Darfield Earthquake Land Damage Peer Reviewer for the EQC. Richard is a co-author of MBIE's Geotechnical Emergency Response Guidelines. He has an MSc in Soil Mechanics from Imperial College, London and is a Chartered Professional Engineer in New Zealand (CPEng) and the UK (CEng MICE). 

Sian France
Specialty: Hydrogeology. 

Sian is an expert in the field of hydrogeology and has been called on for advice on projects across all three of our Beca hubs. In 2017 she was awarded the National Association for Women in Construction 2017 award for Outstanding Achievement in Design for her work on the Waterview Connection Project. Sian has prepared and presented a number of technical papers at Australasian conferences and has provided technical guidance that has been encompassed in Auckland Council Guidelines. Sian is a member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists.



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