Our new Beca Technical Fellows for 2020 were announced at the Beca 100 'All in for our Second Century' conference today.

Beca’s Chief Technical Officer, Craig Price in confirming these appointments talked about the significance of the role of a Beca Technical Fellow and how these senior Beca leaders strengthen our organisational capability.  

"Beca’s Technical Fellows are industry-recognised technical and delivery leaders with extensive experience. When it comes to our most challenging technical issues and the delivery of our most complex projects, more often than not, it is our Beca Technical Fellows who we turn to for their expertise. With a strong focus on delighting our customers, our Technical Fellows strengthen Beca’s capabilities through cutting-edge innovation".

"We invite you to reach out and engage with them, seeking their support to engage with our clients and deliver projects successfully”, said Craig Price. Our Beca Technical Fellows provide leadership for Beca through participating in risk committees, undertaking verification, helping to develop our people and providing thought leadership

Let’s hear from our new Beca Technical Fellows on the key issues and biggest opportunities facing their respective sectors. 



Congratulations to our 2020 Beca Technical Fellows!

John Crawford | Beca Technical Fellow - Wastewater Treatment

John is a trusted, national authority on wastewater engineering with over 30 years international experience, having delivered projects in New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Fiji and Malaysia. His appointment as a technical fellow recognises this expertise and his significant achievements, including the ACENZ Innovation Award and IPENZ Angus Award. He is also a chartered engineer in the UK and a Chartered Professional Engineer in New Zealand.

Emma Fisk | Beca Technical Fellow - Infrastructure Design Management

With a track record of tackling some of the most complex, challenging, large scale projects in highway engineering and infrastructure, Emma continues to set new standards in service delivery. She is a trusted leader of design teams and has gained significant project experience across New Zealand, UK and Qatar. Her appointment as a technical fellow reflects her nationally recognised design management capability, her high esteem amongst clients who seek her out and also her passionate work mentoring and nurturing Beca’s future generation of young engineers. Emma is also a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand and a Chartered and International Professional Engineer.

Luke Gillett | Beca Technical Fellow - Multi-discipline Project Delivery

Our ‘go-to’ person for leading the successful delivery of complex projects across our Industrial portfolio, Luke has extensive knowledge and experience of project management, project controls and an acute sense of risk management in project delivery. Luke has worked across projects of significant scale in Asia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and is also a Chartered Professional Engineer in Australia, a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland and a registration assessor for Engineers Australia.

Tim Haig | Beca Technical Fellow - Highway Engineering

With an outstanding track record developing a strong relationship with our largest client, Waka Kotahi, the New Zealand Transport Agency – Tim is now our ‘go-to’ person for all NZTA related procedures and processes. He also has the rare ability of fulfilling either Team Leader or Design Specialist roles on major highway and infrastructure projects, giving him a unique perspective on solving client’s problems. Tim also chairs our Civil Technical Discipline Group, is NZTA Accredited as a Level 2 Engineer to Contract and Level 3 as Engineer’s Representative, and an active member of Engineering New Zealand.

Gerard Lieshout | Beca Technical Fellow - Major Programme Delivery

A senior project director with 30 years’ experience, Gerard now leads the strong growth of our New Zealand cost management business. He’s also earned the status of trusted advisor amongst a number of key Beca clients, including Waka Kotahi NZTA and the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF). He’s also distinguished himself with the diversity of his market experience, his commercial acumen and his ability to deliver for clients across programme management, cost management and risk management services on civil infrastructure, industrial and commercial building projects.