Building back better – Beca sponsors ReBuilding Nations as Technology and Gold partner

We are excited to be supporting the ReBuilding Nations Symposium 2020, Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading infrastructure conference, as Technology and Gold sponsor.

Held in Auckland on 18-19 November, this will be our fourth year partnering on this influential and award-winning event, attended by private and public sector experts from across the infrastructure space.

This year the conversation will be more important and relevant than ever - with a focus on our recovery from COVID-19 and the critical role of infrastructure and construction as key sectors to catalyse growth and build back better. 

As an industry, we know it’s about investing in the right places, and identifying and developing innovative and resilient solutions to the challenges we face as a nation – now, and into the future. Not least among these will be responding to climate change and meeting the needs of our growing population.

We are particularly thrilled to be Technology sponsor, as we recognise the role of digital technology and better optimised and accessible data, in driving long-term, sustainable and transformational outcomes for our clients, communities and environment. 

Beca will be hosting an online poll after each of the major sessions of the conference, gathering views on a range of important topics - including data and digital infrastructure, sustainability, transport, water reform, funding and planning for outcomes – all of which will help inform decision making for a better everyday.

Andrea Rickard, General Manager Transport & Infrastructure will be hosting the polls and we’re looking forward to seeing what the results indicate.

Thomas Hyde, Chief Digital Officer will be delivering a keynote address at the Data and Digital Infrastructure session, looking at the need for smarter and better-connected infrastructure. This session will also be MC’d by Penelope Rae, Business Director – Digital.

Amelia Linzey, Chief Planner, will be speaking alongside Dean Kimpton (Member of the Resource Management Review Panel) in the Planning for Outcomes session, on the topic of ‘Resource Management System Review: New Directions for New Zealand’. Amelia will also be moderating a panel discussion within this same session – ‘Planning and Implementing Outcomes’ – around how to implement the reforms for better outcomes for our environment, society, economy and culture.

Join us at ReBuilding Nations to hear the latest announcements, contribute to the debate and influence the future of New Zealand. We’re certainly looking forward to joining our many friends and partners across the sector, at another great event. 

Find out more and see the full programme here.