Beca, one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancies in the Asia-Pacific region and founding Climate Leader’s Coalition signatory, has made a firm commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Amelia Linzey, Beca Board member, Sustainability Group Chair and Chief Planner says, “The debate has moved well beyond whether our planet is warming, the question is all about how fast. There is now an urgent, world-wide need to face climate change and we’re there alongside our clients and communities, taking action to protect our environment, communities and businesses now and for our future.” 

Beca’s confirmed target to reduce their emissions by 32% by 2030, from a 2018 baseline, is driven by the need to keep global temperatures well below two degrees of global heating. 

Amelia Linzey goes on to say, “We feel our target is courageous in that we have chosen to include the direct (Scope 1 and 2) and indirect emissions (Scope 3) from our full supply chain, including employee travel to work. For emissions where we have direct control, we are aiming to reduce our emissions to keep within 1.5 degrees of global heating. For emissions where we don’t have direct control – our indirect emissions, we have set a target consistent with keeping well below two degrees.”

She adds how, “Achieving our target will require changes to our buildings’ energy efficiency, our supply chain, vehicle fleet and business travel. In parallel with this, we are focusing on our handprint; innovative solutions to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint. It’s all part of making everyday better.”

In setting this target Beca has adopted an absolute emissions reduction approach and followed the methodology defined by the Science Based Target Initiative.

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