DUO Tower and The Exchange 106 win new accolades at 2021 CTBUH Awards

DUO Tower and The Exchange 106 have won new accolades at the 18th Annual Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Awards. These two Beca projects have earlier been recognised as Award of Excellence winners by the CTBUH and have since competed with others for distinctions at the 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference.
DUO Tower, Singapore was declared the overall category winner by the Urban Habitat Single Site Scale Award jury. Designed by renowned German architect Ole Scheeren, DUO is a landmark building for Beca and the Singapore skyline. Its design subtracts circular carvings from the building volumes, generating urban spaces, while a net-like hexagonal pattern of sunshades reinforces the dynamic concave shapes, activating the surrounding streetscape.

Excitingly, The Exchange 106 was selected as the winner of the Audience Award in the MEP Engineering category by the hundreds of global attendees at the virtual conference. This was the first year in which registered delegates could cast their own votes in real time alongside the jurors. The tower is a striking building rising 106 floors above central Kuala Lumpur. Only three main MEP floors are integrated within the structural systems located on the tower’s lower, middle and upper sections. To accommodate the limited number of MEP floors, the systems are designed with high static pressure backbone systems, and low-pressure end-user runouts, using a limited number of pressure-break stations.

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