Greg Lowe appointed as Chair of BusinessNZ Energy Council

Following 11 years as Beca Group CEO and a transition to Strategic Growth Advisor in October 2023, Greg Lowe has been appointed as Chair of the BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC).

BEC comprises business, government and research organisations from across the Energy sector, committed to leading New Zealand in creating a sustainable, equitable and secure energy future.

Underpinned by Beca’s track record in large-scale transmission and renewable projects across Asia Pacific, Greg's strategic expertise will help bring us all closer to connecting possibility with reality in the New Zealand energy landscape.

Greg is eager to step into the role.

"The energy transition is full of possibility for us in Aotearoa. The challenge is making it real, and BEC is tackling these challenges head-on. I’m excited to join BEC as Chair to help drive their initiatives forward," he says.

Tina Schirr, Executive Director at BEC shares Greg’s enthusiasm.

"Greg brings a wealth of experience and expertise to BEC, and we are confident he will make a positive impact in the wider energy sector in his position as Chair,” Tina says. 

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