Beca delivering for Australia through Defence Infrastructure Panel

Beca is proud to announce our appointment to five panel categories by the Department of Defence, as part of their broader Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP) program.

As the chief mechanism for maintaining Australia’s vast Defence Estate, our work on these five panel categories will play a critical role in enabling Australia’s broader Defence capability at a time of growing geostrategic challenges and operational demands.

A complex, five-year commitment, our appointment by the Department of Defence’s Security and Estate Group (SEG) is a real opportunity for us to deliver specialist engineering and consulting services across a wide range of Defence Estate projects – including Army, Air Force and Navy bases spread across the Australian continent.

It also builds on our track record, including servicing all 28 major Defence airfields through the P1005 National Airfields Program and 75 Defence establishments via the Estate Data Improvement, EMOS Assurance and Technical Estate Appraisal Programs.

These five categories are:
  • Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL): This panel is responsible for the effective maintenance of Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) systems and capital works across Defence airfields, enabling military aircraft to operate safely.
  • Aircraft Pavements: This panel oversees the effective maintenance of aircraft pavements and capital works across Defence airfields, to meet operational requirements and enable military aircraft to safely fly. 
  • Estate Strategic Planning (ESP): This panel directs strategic Estate Planning functions across Australia’s Defence Estate, to ensure Defence infrastructure dollars are allocated in a way which maximises our nation’s military capability.
  • Infrastructure Engineering Assessments (IEA): This panel provides multi-disciplinary engineering advice relating to the governance, planning, development, design, construction, maintenance and operations of Australia’s Defence Estate.
  • Project Management / Contract Administration Services (PMCA): This panel develops business cases and consults across multiple stakeholders, to secure funding and approval for projects that improve Australia’s Defence Estate.


In reflecting on this opportunity, Pete Muir – DIP Panel Manager and Project Management Principal at Beca, said, "Our appointment across five diverse service offerings as part of the Defence Infrastructure Panel 2022-2027 is testament to our sustained growth and longstanding partnership with Defence. It reinforces the continued commitment of our people engaged across the full project lifecycle, from initial strategic planning through to ongoing asset assurance.

I’m excited that Beca has been recognised for both our previous delivery experience and also for what we can offer going forward. We join distinguished company on these panels and look forward to the incredible training and development opportunities they offer our people”.

Our work on the Defence infrastructure Panel will be complemented by an integrated team of 545 engineering and consulting professionals across Australia, with access to over 3,800 professionals across the wider Beca Group in the Asia Pacific region.

More information about Beca’s Defence and National Security capabilities can be viewed here.
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