Beca recognised by Climate Leaders Coalition for emissions reduction activity

Beca has been officially recognised by the Climate Leaders Coalition for our activity to reduce our carbon emissions, with confirmation we meet the coalition's higher ambition 2019 statement.

As statement signatories, we are signalling that we are acting on climate change now - to create a future that is low-emissions, positive for businesses and the economy, and inclusive for all New Zealanders. 

“The urgency around action on global heating is something we take seriously at Beca. We strongly believe we need to ‘walk the talk’ by continuing to both reduce our own carbon emissions and maximise emissions reductions through the work we do with our clients,” says Genevieve Smith, Principal Sustainability Advisory. 

“By using science-based tools and approaches, and working closely with our people, suppliers and clients to develop innovative and ambitious solutions, we are taking a number of tangible actions to measure and progress our emission reduction goals.”

“By 2030, we aim to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 50% from a 2018 baseline, in line with limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.  This includes the direct emissions we have control over, such as our company-owned vehicles, and office energy consumption.” 

“And, we aim to reduce our Scope 3 emissions that we have less control over but can still influence by 30%, in line with a trajectory of well below 2 degrees.  These indirect emissions include such aspects as the goods and services we purchase, our use of subconsultants, employee commuting and working from home.”

Beca has implemented a range of initiatives to measure and improve our offices’ energy efficiency, and reduce our emissions across our supply chain, vehicle fleet and travel for work.  Recent examples include the introduction of Plug-in Electric Vehicles to our fleet, signing up to a car-share subscription service in selected locations, tackling employee commuting via better data and end-of-trip facility improvements, and conducting energy audits across our offices. 

And, we will shortly be releasing our first climate-related disclosures report. This report identifies our risks and opportunities from climate change under several scenarios, using the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework.  In parallel, one of the key measures of our impact is through maintaining a strong focus on our handprint - being the delivery of solutions to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint.  

For more on all Beca is doing alongside our clients, partners and communities to contribute to a safer, healthier Aotearoa and planet, for current and future generations visit - www.beca.com/sustainability

About the Climate Leaders Coalition
Beca was one of the first cohort of 60 members of the Climate Leaders Coalition when it was established in 2018, to promote collective action and leadership on climate change.

In July 2019 to mark its first anniversary, the Coalition launched the 2019 Statement.  The higher ambition statement sees signatories pursue efforts in line with the Paris Agreement temperature goals, disclose and report on climate risk, have their emissions reduction targets grounded in science and independently verified, and work with their people and suppliers to reduce their emissions. 

The purpose of the now 105-member strong Coalition is to build irreversible momentum towards a zero-carbon future.  Beca strongly encourages any business or organisation that has not already joined, to do so. 

To find out more, visit - www.climateleaderscoalition.org.nz