Beca hosted more than 100 people at ‘Micro - The Urban Mobility Disruptor’ on 19 February – an event run by Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) New Zealand.

Micromobility covers things like e-scooters, e-bikes, electric skateboards and other new forms of lightweight urban transportation. The panel discussed the potential of micromobility as a major disruptor of urban transport, and driver of behavioural change, which led to a lively conversation with the audience.

One of the highlights was a special presentation from Horace Dediu, world-renowned  micromobility expert and host of the Micromobility Podcast.  Horace talked about the adoption of micromobility and how it compares to other modes of transport, including dollar value, frequency, travel time, and potential to redefine how cities operate.

Beca Business Director for Advisory, Matt Ensor, an avid adopter of technology and all things micromobility, was the master of ceremonies. 

"Micromobility may well be the first new transport mode invented for more than a century, and is really giving us cause to change the way we think about, plan and use our transport networks," said Matt. “As a blend of fun, convenience and economics, the micromobility future must fit with changing lifestyles, the evolving shape of our communities, and shared care for people and our environment.”

The adoption of micro e-vehicles is proceeding at breakneck pace.  With more than 500 million estimated public e-fleet users worldwide, and increasing private ownership, global city shapers and decision-makers are under increasing pressure to react smartly to the game-changing transport technology.

Beca is a gold member of ITS-NZ, the professional body providing leadership, education and promotion of transport technologies that improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

For more information on Beca’s work in micromobility and the changing face of transport, get in touch with Matt Ensor directly at the details below.

Pictured at top from left are panel members: Oliver Bruce, Micromobility Podcast; Jessica Rose, Albert-Eden Board, Women in Urbanism; Cleve Cameron, Founder of Big Street Bikers; Matt Ensor, Beca Business Director - Advisory; and Patrick Reynolds, Urbanist, and contributor to Greater Auckland.

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