Climate Change Commission releases final advice to the government

The He Pou a Rangi Climate Change Commission (CCC) released its Final Advice to government on 31st May which was made public on 9th June.
What is the Advice About?

The Advice for the government’s review addresses three aspects: 
  1. Recommendations for the first three national emissions budgets (i.e. four to five yearly budgets out to 2035)
  2. Direction on policy and strategies to deliver on these
  3. Advice on NZ’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) – i.e. our commitments under the Paris Agreement which are due to be updated later this year

Direction on Policy and Strategies:

The advice provides one scenario for NZ to meet the proposed budgets; with a mix of different solutions and approaches. The recommendations to achieve the proposed budgets are categorised under five areas:
  • Heat, Industry, and Power – such as moving to renewables and using electricity for heat
  • Transport – transitioning to electric vehicles and other low carbon fuels
  • Agriculture – improving productivity and improving on farm practices
  • Forestry – suggests increasing the areas planted with trees
  • Waste – suggests reducing volumes that go to landfill through circular economy approaches
A notable change to the final advice is that the emissions reductions proposed for the first three periods are slightly more ambitious than in the draft advice: 2025: 12% (previously 9%); 2030: 27% (previously 26%); 2035: 42% (previously 44%).

The government has until the end of this year to set the first three emissions budgets out to 2035 and release its first emissions reduction plan. If it chooses not to accept the CCC’s advice, it must publish an alternative plan for addressing climate change in Aotearoa and reaching its targets. 

We are already seeing the number and pace of announcements in this space increasing, from the fee/rebate for electric vehicles to the announcement of the Carbon Neutral Government Programme at the end of 2020.  Policy will continue to move quickly and is already having direct impacts on us and you, our clients​. The government will continue to set up consultations for the year which will give us and you the ability to shape policy. We’re here to provide support and advice to clients on what this means for you and what some of the next steps may look like.

​Our cross-sector experience also strategically positions us to facilitate cross collaboration of projects​ and policy direction that cuts across sectors.

We can provide support on preparation of formal policy specific to elements of the business that are covered in the advice, and scope plans to measure and engage KPIs to achieve outcomes, set strategy targets, and help our clients understand the risks, opportunities and funding available.

From 2022 the CCC will begin monitoring how the government’s emissions reduction plan is implemented, including how well Aotearoa is tracking to meet the 2050 net zero target. 

Get in touch with Kate Meyer, Business Director – Sustainability, if you would like to talk about how we can support you.
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