Beca joins Planetary Accounting Network collaborative research community

Living well requires a healthy planet, which is why Beca became a Founding Member of the Planetary Accounting Network “PAN”.

A new not-for-profit research centre that works with people, businesses and governments to quantify what is needed to live within the planet’s limits, PAN is working to build an international community of like-minded people who can work together to restore and sustain the global environment at different scales. “We are one of several Founding Members who have come on board to support PAN to realise its vision,” said Genevieve Smith, Senior Sustainability and Environmental Advisor at Beca. “We know that our role will be critical to drive this important agenda, and our teams are already working on some exciting collaborations which we hope to be able to share soon.” 

PAN’s launch coincided with the release of the Sustainable Earth article “The Planetary Accounting Framework: a novel, quota-based approach to understanding the impacts of any scale of human activity in the context of the Planetary Boundaries”. This article has already received a great response from the media and is being discussed in major news outlets including Biomed Central and the Conversation

To learn more and watch PAN's introductory video, visit www.planetaryaccounting.org 

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