Environmental services group Bioelektra has selected Beca to help develop a recycling facility in Shoalhaven, Australia – the first of its kind outside Poland and the third resource recovery centre in the world.

The facility, being built and run by Bioelektra, will house technology that converts as much as 95% of residential waste – traditionally sent to landfill – into recyclable materials. The technology sterilises the waste and sorts it into six different streams. Waste from five of these streams is recycled or reused and the remaining waste, making up only 5% of the incoming material, goes to landfill.  

The centre is good news for Shoalhaven residents who will reap environmental benefits and new employment opportunities when it’s built by 2021. It’s also a win for the local council as the centre will extend the life of its tip by decades and reduce the pressure on high landfill tariffs.  

“This project is the first of its kind in Australia and will revolutionise the way waste is handled in the Shoalhaven region. In our ever-growing society this paves a new path for the future of recycling waste and avoiding landfill.

It’s very exciting to be delivering a project of this nature that makes every day better for our environment,” says Derek Schaefer, Beca’s Regional Manager for NSW.

Bioelektra has engaged Beca to deliver project management services, building services and site layout reviews. We’re also committed to delivering cost estimation and cost control services, and managing gas, water, trade waste and electricity connections.

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The concept design for Shoalhaven recycling facility (Image: Bioelektra) 

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