Chief Engineer Rob Jury acknowledged at Wellington Address

Chief Engineer – Structural Engineering at Beca, Rob Jury, has been recognised by the Wellington Chamber of Commerce at the Wellington Address, held at Te Papa on 24 August.

The Wellington Address celebrates the business community of the city and honours those who contribute to it. It is hosted by The Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Te Awe Māori Business Network and Wellington Pasifika Business Network. Each member nominates two individuals to honour, who have dedicated themselves to making a positive impact on Wellington.

As the Wellington Chamber of Commerce noted on the night:

"Rob Jury’s biography and achievements are exceptional. He is a highly qualified engineer with over 40 years of experience in the assessment and design of buildings both in New Zealand and internationally and is currently Beca’s Chief Structural Engineer.

"His advice is sought on all aspects of structural and earthquake engineering and he is currently advising the Government on increased seismic design standards for New Zealand.

"Most recently he was the technical lead/project director for the seismic strengthening of St James Theatre, 8 Willis Street and the world-first and technically challenging retrospective base-isolation of VUW's Rankin Brown building that won awards from the London-based Institution of Structural Engineers. 

"One of his greatest contributions to New Zealand was developing the seismic components of NZ’s Building Code, considered by global peers to be a realistic and practical framework that balances performance and safety. Rob has made a remarkable contribution to seismic engineering in Wellington and New Zealand.  

"Few cities need a Rob Jury as much as Wellington does."

The six individuals honoured on the night were:

  • Lynell Tuffery Huria (of Ngāti Ruanui and Ngā Ruahine). As the first Māori patent lawyer here in Aotearoa, Lynell is a specialist in all aspects of trademark protection, management and enforcement.
  • Jamie Williams (of Ngāti Kuri, Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahu). Jamie is one of the founders of Kapura.
  • Dame Kerry Prendergast DNZM, CNZM. Former Mayor of Wellington and former Vice-President of Local Government New Zealand.
  • Rob Jury. Chief Engineer, Structural Engineering - Beca
  • Michel Tuffery. Of Samoan, Rarotongan and Ma’ohi Tahitian heritage, Michel is one of the leading artists of his generation.
  • Galu Letiu. Originally from the village of Va o Iva in Savai'i, Galu has spent his working career in building and construction.

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