Beca partners with Callaghan Innovation on Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network

Beca is partnering with Callaghan Innovation to deliver their Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network, designed to help more New Zealand manufacturers embrace new technology and innovate to remain globally competitive.

The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is delivering vast improvements to businesses in many sectors, involving the fusion and application of technologies from robotics and automation to data analytics, mixed reality and artificial intelligence.

The New Zealand Government recognises the growing need to lift Industry 4.0 uptake in the manufacturing sector and has committed funding over four years to roll out the initiative. It will include a mobile Industry 4.0 showcase, a network of site visits and 'Smart Factory' tours demonstrating deeper engagement in Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Beca will be delivering the Mobile Showcase and bring Industry 4.0 to the doorstep of manufacturers and educators across New Zealand.

Sue Bradley, General Manager - Industrial Digital for Beca, said interacting with the tools is an important first step in adoption.

"If people can experience these new technologies in action first-hand, learn about the benefits, observe and discuss case studies of the technology in use elsewhere and overseas, they can start to imagine what they could achieve in their own context. Adopting these technologies will be essential for our Kiwi manufacturers to continue to operate in an increasingly competitive world. We're excited to help them achieve this," said Sue.

The Mobile Showcase will be an interactive experience for manufacturers and one that needs to reflect the needs of the industry. Mo Chalabi, Beca's Technology Lead, is asking for feedback on how this can be best achieved.

"We want to create a learning hub where many visitors will get their first ever hands-on experience of new technologies," Mo said.

"Our vision is of a space where everyone learns something new regardless of their industry, age, education, background or career level. That means it needs to be engaging and relevant, and we are keen to hear people's ideas on what will be most valuable to them and their business."

Beca is currently conducting a market survey of the manufacturing sector and associated educators to help build a better experience. We'd also love to hear your ideas directly by contacting us on mobileshowcase@beca.com.

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