The 2019 University of Auckland Beca Scholarships have been awarded to nine outstanding engineering students. The awards ceremony, held on the night of 22 August in Beca House in Auckland, continues Beca’s 25+ year legacy of celebrating the achievements of future leaders in engineering from the University of Auckland.

With family and friends, and representatives from the Rotary Club, the University faculty and Beca, the scholarship recipients celebrated their achievements and congratulated each other on winning University of Auckland Beca Scholarships.

The Beca Part II Engineering Scholarships, worth $3,000 each, and designed to encourage engineering students with the potential to contribute positively to the engineering profession, was presented to the following five students:

  • Joshua Looker Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Bachelor of Science conjoint, specialising in Engineering Science
  • Angela Hollings Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), specialising in Computer Systems Engineering
  • Vanessa Chong Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), specialising in Mechatronics Engineering
  • Fatema Rampurawala Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) conjoint, specialising in Mechanical Engineering
  • Emily-Jade Yee Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) specialising in Biomedical Engineering

Worth $3,500 each, the Beca Part IV Engineering Scholarships were awarded to the following three students with the potential to become outstanding engineers:

  • Alex Kennedy Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/Bachelor of Science conjoint specialising in Engineering Science
  • Hannah Bennet Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) specialising in Engineering Science
  • Aathira Nair Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) specialising in Mechanical Engineering

Lydia Hingston, a Mechanical Engineering student (Hons), was this year's recipient of the Beca and Rotary Club of Auckland Scholarship. Worth $6,000, the scholarship is awarded to an individual who shows excellent potential to become a future leader in engineering through their academic achievements and contribution to society.

Jon Williams, Beca Group Delivery Manager, offered his congratulations to the recipients, saying "Yet again we are amazed at the calibre and diverse range of skills brought to the table by all the candidates. Congratulations to this year's recipients."

Beca is proud to support outstanding students and their achievements through numerous scholarship programmes, including the University of Auckland, University of Canterbury and Ngāi Tahu whanau.