In 2022, the Cook Islands Ministry of Transport (MoT) identified the need to develop a Land Transport Policy, including legislative changes to support sustainable development. Working with MoT and on-island subconsultants, we’re making this happen.

Given our extensive experience delivering Transport & Infrastructure projects across the region, Cook Islands Ministry of Transport (MoT) commissioned Beca to support the preparation for their Land Transport Policy.

The process began with us using our experience to draft the policy and identify the necessary changes to national transport legislation. Extensive stakeholder consultation with the Cook Islands community forms the centrepiece of the engagement, with the Ministry of Transport and Beca leading a series of sessions between February and August 2023, to gain insight into local land transport issues.

The key issues identified during these sessions include role ambiguity, vehicle licensing, enforcement, vehicle centrism, road use behaviour, road conditions, vehicles, commercial sector, accessibility, end of life management and forward planning.

A high level desktop review of existing policy and legislation was also undertaken to identify any further issues and gaps in the current legislative regime governing land transport across all of the Cook Islands.

The project is scheduled to be completed in November 2023, pending Cabinet approval of the policy and legislative change. The policy is a big step towards informing the Cook Islands Transport Framework and further supporting national growth and development.