Defence Bases are essential to the Australian Department of Defence’s aviation activities, from allowing the safe deployment of aircraft to acting as a training ground.

Keeping Defence Bases safe and functional involves continued maintenance project works, like aircraft pavement and ground lighting projects. The P0007 National Airfields Maintenance Project is one such project.

We’re currently undertaking the design, and will be heavily involved in the procurement and construction, of a variety of essential work at four Defence Bases to ensure their continued safe operation. This includes new asphalt overlay of runways and taxiways, plus new aeronautical ground lighting (AGL), movement area guidance signs, distance to run markers, precision approach path indicators, wind indicators, and new airfield lighting equipment rooms. Certain parts of the apron and their associated drainage also had to be reconstructed.

Through our work, differences between past Defence standard practices and the current Defence design standards have been identified. To ensure Defence has the most up-to-date standards in place, additional work such as re-planning aprons has been required to ensure they have compliant parking positions and clearance from taxiing aircraft.

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