Nestled on a pristine tropical Island in Myanmar’s Myeik Archipelago, the Wa Ale Island Resort is the nation’s first luxury eco retreat and was lovingly crafted without a single tree being removed.

Featuring 20 boutique luxury villas facing an untouched beach, Wa Ale Island Resort is the realisation of a vision to create the nation’s first truly eco-friendly luxury resort that doesn’t impact negatively upon the environment.

Given our strong track record creating luxury resort and residential developments across the region with superior environment performance, Beca was engaged by the client Benchmade Asia Pte Ltd and Lampi Foundation, to provide electrical engineering, structural engineering, water and procurement services for the pioneering project.

However, this wasn’t any regular building project, with its remote location meaning everything had to be designed and delivered by boat to its final location, as no motorised vehicles are allowed on the island.

By working closely with the client’s on-island project team and suppliers throughout the country, we were able to overcome this “tyranny of distance” and successfully implement a procurement strategy that brought the resort to life over a 2-year period.

We’ve incorporated a smart electrical network, with solar power and battery storage at its heart, to generate electricity for the entire resort – with a backup generator on standby just in case. Precious natural spring water from the surrounding hills has also been harnessed to increase its self-sufficiency, whilst the natural contours of the land have been used to strategically hide water filtration and storage modules.

Now complete and ready to accept guests, Wa Ale Island Resort has been widely acclaimed by the regional travel press and serves as a benchmark for sustainable island resort design that respects the environment whilst giving back to the local community!

Image credits: Forbes 2020, Wa Ale Resort 2021




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