Exciting new developments at Auckland Zoo means the future looks positive for some of the world’s most endangered species.

For almost 100 years, Auckland Zoo has provided a home to animals from around the world and contributed to wildlife conservation and research through the passion and commitment of its team.

New themed enclosures, enhanced visitor and learning facilities, and the renewal of ageing infrastructure form a key part of its vision to further transform the zoo over the next decade.

To help fulfil this wish-list, we worked with stakeholders, architects and design partners to update the zoo’s 10-year master plan. We created a framework and roadmap to guide stakeholders through the process and then led the masterplan; facilitating monthly workshops to review design concepts, considering current infrastructure requirements, planning potential programme implementation and evaluating cost estimates.

The priority for the master plan remained the animals – what new arrivals were planned and when? What did they need in terms of habitat and space? How would we ensure their welfare during construction activities? What did we need to update in terms of infrastructure?

Combining beautiful architecture with the practicalities of caring for wild animals was just one of the challenges. We encouraged big picture thinking, a willingness to listen, and great teamwork to deliver a master plan that is ambitious yet achievable.

One thing is certain – for our precious wildlife at Auckland Zoo and the visitors who share in the experience, the next ten years is looking optimistic and exciting.







Our Beca team involved in the project.

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Working with a diverse group of people in a unique and complex environment can sometimes be challenging. The difference on this project was the passion we all shared in being able to contribute to the future of our wildlife, even close to home.

Matt Wheeler

Business Director - Project & Cost Management

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