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Tayler Hubber-Davis, Assistant Project Manager/digital graduate, Auckland Project Strategy & Delivery team.

Studied a Master of Building Science at Victoria University of Wellington.

8:30AM I arrive at the Pitt Street office, say hello to my pod, and make a speedy dash to the coffee machine. I usually use the first part of my morning to check my emails and update my to do list for the week. This helps me understand how my week is going to shape up and work out what my priorities are day-to-day.

9:00AM Today, I am tasked with running clash detection tests on a project. The architecture, services and structural model have been updated and my job is to federate the models and run clash detection to see if there are any issues that appear in the design. This process can take some time, so I like to start it earlier in the day.

10:00AM Each week, we have a morning meeting with our section where we are given key updates about health and safety, market information, section news and any other interesting information. We also have a rolling roster for this meeting where three people from our section provide a selection of savoury and sweets treats for morning tea. At this week's meeting, we were told about the "I Heart Beca" event that is being held on Valentine's Day to celebrate Beca's centenary! It's awesome that we can get everyone together and involved to celebrate such a huge milestone in the company's history!

11:00AM I do some more work on clash detection from earlier. The BIM Manager and I analyse these results and distribute the issues to the rest of the design team to resolve. It’s been really interesting to learn the workflows and processes involved with BIM Management and have a hands on learning experience. Being able to play this role on a project has given me the opportunity to interact with different people around the business as well as other companies!

12:30PM Lunch time with my fellow grads! We like to go sit in the park down the road when the weather is good to get some fresh air and take a break from the office environment. If we have been super busy (or lazy!) and haven't brought lunch to work, then we head up to the K'Road food court and have a taste of the many food options available there. One of our personal favourites is Sneaky Snacky - a fried chicken or wagyu beef DONUT burger! Sounds ridiculous but it's definitely worth trying!

1:00PM Once a week, I have a catchup with my team lead where we review my workload and run through the key tasks that I have to complete this week. I always find this session useful as it keeps me on track and I get helpful advice when I've got something important to do. This afternoon, we are presenting a design to a client through Virtual Reality. So we head down to the VR room to set up the model and do a test run of the presentation.

2:00PM While I have some time in between meetings, I catch up on some other items on my to do list. I need to help write a BIM Execution Plan for a job we recently won. This normally means I need to research some of the software workflows, read the client’s goals and requirements, and review the agreed roles and responsibilities. I start by reading the project brief and drafting some questions and thoughts for the BIM Manager on the project.

3:00PM Time for the VR presentation with the client. We run them through a quick health and safety briefing and instructions on how to use the headset. I enjoy getting involved in this technology as it helps the client to understand what the design feels like before it is built. My team lead has asked me to run the VR session which helps me improve on my presentation skills and feel like I am making a significant impact on the project.

4:00PM I have a debrief of the presentation with my team lead. We work out what went well on the design and what could have been improved.

5:00PM Work is over for the day! I fill in my timesheet with hours and notes of what I have done for the day. I then pack up, get changed and head to Victoria Park to play touch rugby with my Beca team. I also play sub-football on Thursday’s with workmates from other parts of the business. It's great way to meet new people and keep active. 

7:00PM After touch, it's finally time to catch the bus home. I quickly whip up something for dinner then spend some time in the lounge with my flatmates. We catch up on our days whilst watching some mindless TV. I find this is one of the best ways to unwind with everyone after work before I head to bed and get ready for another full day!