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Hi, I’m Izzy. Usually found busy in the Transport and Infrastructure team in Christchurch after joining as a graduate in 2018. I have mainly done work in 3-waters and land development. In my spare time I sit as deputy Chair of the Ara Foundation and Chair of Young Engineers Canterbury.  

What attracted you (or helped you decide) to work at Beca?

I liked how Beca seemed to be a values based company. This was consistently backed up by the passionate people I met at events. 

What was your first impression of Beca when you started? 

How busy everyone looked but they still took the time to come and say hi and make me feel welcome. 

What does ‘make everyday better’ for our clients and communities mean to you? 

Being accountable and efficient. Getting work done for clients and communicating the best solution for clients and community causing the least disturbance to them.  

What has been your most challenging project at Beca and what did you do to overcome it?

We had a project with a tricky stormwater discharge, which took a lot of time and effort to resolve. This was a steep learning curve for me and I felt well supported throughout the process.  I was impressed with how everyone on the project came together and showed tenacity in coming up with best outcome for the client. 

What makes you get up and come to work at Beca every morning?

I’m proud of what I do and how I get to help shape the community around me. 

What was the best piece of advice you have been given as an emerging professional? 

Make good connections and don’t let people down.

How do you find the team?/ How do you find the team culture at Beca and T&I?

Hardworking, dedicated and they are very passionate about a good morning tea!

Outside of work, what do you love to do?

I love making the most of what Christchurch has to offer may that be brunches with family or cocktails with friends on the weekends. I love staying involved through work on committees and boards.

What’s an issue facing our business that important to you and why?  

Making sure as a female engineer that I am a voice for diversity not just meaning gender. We need to encourage neurodiversity, reduce ageism and create a workplace where disabilities aren’t a limit. 

We need to encourage neurodiversity, reduce ageism and create a workplace where disabilities aren't a limit.

Izzy Berliner

Civil Engineer