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In a utopian world, Food and Beverage manufacturers wouldn’t have to forgo the long, confusing, and costly transition to cleaner energy sources to power their manufacturing plants. The ‘dirty’ grid would be miraculously funded by the government, transitioning it to green energy, flicking the magic switch to green. 

But like all great dreams, we are (against our own will) jolted back to reality. 

With economic, social, political pressures, and the absence of a credible national climate and energy policy, the Food and Beverage sector has taken leadership in going greener sooner, setting ambitious but achievable net-zero emission targets as early as 2030 (terrifyingly, less than 10 years away). Setting clear corporate goals that can be translated into project development goals is a foolproof method, but it can be a daunting task for many.

A combination of expertise needs to come together to provide solutions.  

Turning dreams into reality, Beca Australia’s Harshal Patel – future energy guru and market leader in the power team; and Mark Robertson – Market segment leader in the Food and Life Sciences sector, join our Host, Hamish McCook to offer their expert advice on quick wins, alternative approaches, and next steps for F&B listeners undertaking the transition to renewable energy for years to come.

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