Welcome to F&B Sound Bites, a podcast on hot topics, trends and challenges for professionals in the engine room behind the Food and Beverage industry hosted by Hamish McCook.
Innovation in the food sector is hot right now. Consumers are demanding increased transparency such as clean label ingredients and ethical and responsible sourcing, plant-based foods in growing market categories, food available on demand with omni channel consumption, product mash ups and new flavours, as well as science-based foods offering enhanced nutrition. The list goes on.

But what does all this mean for hygienic design – arguably the backbone of the industry, and one that too has been evolving and growing more complex over time. The industry is under increasing pressure to be compliant with increasingly complex legislation, and now not just on our own shores but also internationally. Plus, how much do we really know about the challenges and needs of new foods under development? 

Thankfully it's not all doom and gloom. There is has been a rise of globally led legislation, and science-based tools like genomic sequencing are having their time in the sun in the food industry, allowing for more targeted strategies for risk mitigation and response.

We sat down with Beca’s Rex Johnstone to unpack the challenges of hygienic design today and what it takes to protect the future of your business.

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